How it works

How MatterSnail simplifies and improves your firm's mail process.

How MatterSnail works with Clio

MatterSnail uses your existing documents, bills, and contacts in Clio to make sending snail mail fast and simple. With bi-directional syncing, we'll generate expense activities and matter notes and push them back into Clio for your convenience.

Diagram depicting how Clio works with MatterSnail

Sending a letter through the USPS

With just a few clicks, you can send USPS mail directly from your computer using the documents and bills that already exist in your Clio account. Select your mailing options, sit back, and we'll handle the rest. Printing, stuffing envelopes, and running to the post office is now a thing of the past.

USPS mail form on MatterSnail

Monitor your sent mail

Monitor the status of your letters at any time with scanned events directly from the USPS. Get on-demand PDF copies of your letter contents for instant visibility of what your end recipients received in the mail. Additionally, you can opt into email notifications notifying your firm of delivery or issues encountered.

Preview of a sent letter on MatterSnail

How MatterSnail connects to your Clio account

MatterSnail securely connects to your Clio account to provide access to your documents, bills, and contacts.

Connect your Clio account

After creating your account, you'll be prompted to securely connect your Clio account to MatterSnail.

Clio sync prompt in MatterSnail

Approve access

Click the green button to approve the link between MatterSnail and your Clio account.

Clio app approval screen

Revoke Clio access at any time

You can revoke Clio access at any time within settings. You'll continue have access to your records, but will no longer be able to create mailings. You can reconnect your Clio account at any time.

Revoke Clio screen in MatterSnail settings