Modern firms use MatterSnail to send, track, and verify USPS mail.

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Send and track U.S. Postal Service mail 100% online.
Enjoy included Proof of Service, Certificates of Acceptance, and same-day USPS drop-off.

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A streamlined mailing platform designed for all firms, large and small.

Reclaim your firm's billable time by eliminating the time-consuming process of obtaining important documentation from the USPS, without sacrificing quality, speed, or available mailing options.

Proof of Service on all mailings

A Proof of Service is optionally included with all letters sent on MatterSnail. A Proof of Service is an attestation that details documents served, addresses served, methods of delivery, date of service, and the name and signature of the individual responsible for drop-off. This service is included in the cost of each mailing.

Certificates of Acceptance on all certified mailings

A dated and stamped Certificate of Acceptance is provided for all certified letters, serving as evidence that a certified service was purchased for a letter upon drop-off to the USPS. This service is included in the cost of each mailing.

Same-day drop-off to the USPS*

All mail submitted Monday to Friday before 1 PM PST will be processed and dropped off to the USPS on the same day. This service is included in the cost of each mailing.

*Must be submitted by 1 PM PST. Excludes weekends and holidays.

The right mailing options for your firm

MatterSnail offers USPS First Class, Priority Mail, Certified Mail, Electronic Return Receipt, and Self-Addressed Stamped Return Envelopes options to suit your firm's needs.

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Real-time USPS tracking on all letters

Certified and priority mail submitted on MatterSnail receives a unique tracking number, verifying that a letter was delivered to its intended destination. Opt for an electronic return receipt to receive a digital copy of a signature upon delivery.

Direct Clio integration

Get instant access to your Clio documents and bills by connecting directly to your Clio account with the push of a button. Say goodbye to manual data entry and streamline your billing process by automatically pushing matter notes and expense activities to Clio with a few clicks.

Designed for teams

Invite members of your team to MatterSnail to collaboratively manage your firm's mail process. See who sent what at any moment.

Peace of mind

In addition to the protection provided by Proof of Service and Certificates of Acceptance, if the USPS fails to collect a signature upon delivery of a certified return-receipt mailing, we will refund the cost of postage.

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We're Clio official.

MatterSnail is an official integration with Clio, one of the largest legal case management software products in the USA. MatterSnail proudly exhibited at the 2022 Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Subscription (Monthly)

Great for firms exploring MatterSnail's services.

$18 per month + cost of mail

  • Firm Management
  • Unlimited users
  • Service Fee
  • $2.05 (per recipient)
  • Includes: Proof of Service, dated and signed Certificates of Acceptance, dated and stamped Same-day USPS drop-off, if submitted before 1 PM PST (excludes weekends and holidays)
  • USPS Postage
  • First-Class starting at $0.72 (per recipient)
  • Priority Mail starting at $8.93 (per recipient)
  • USPS Service Add-On
  • $4.62 Certified Mail (per recipient)
  • $2.44 Electronic Return Receipt (per recipient)
  • Self-Addressed Return Envelope
  • Up to 3-ounce pre-paid postage
  • Starting at $1.30 (per recipient)
  • Page Print
  • $0.14 (per single-sided page)
  • $0.08 (per double-sided page)

Subscription (Annual)

For firms that are ready to virtualize their mail process.

$162 per year + cost of mail

  • 25% savings on your recurring subscription month-over-month

Frequently asked questions

Have additional questions? Contact us, and we'll be in touch.

    • What are the services offered on MatterSnail?

      MatterSnail streamlines mail services by providing USPS First-Class, Certified Mail, Priority Mail, and Return Receipt options online. Enjoy Proof of Service, Certificates of Acceptance, and same-day USPS drop-off Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and holidays) at no additional charge. The daily cutoff time for same-day drop-off is 1:00 PM PST.

    • Can I include stamped return envelopes with mailings?

      You are able to purchase self-addressed stamped return envelopes and include them in mailings to your recipients. You may choose return envelopes with no postage, or 1, 2, or 3 oz stamps.

    • What documents does MatterSnail provide to verify a mailing was sent?

      A Proof of Service is available for all mailings sent through MatterSnail.

      A Certificate of Acceptance is provided for all Certified mailings, regardless of whether a Proof of Service is requested.

      An Electronic Return Receipt add-on can be purchased for Certified and Priority Mail mailings.

      USPS Tracking Numbers are provided on certified and priority mailings, allowing you to track a mailing to its destination.

    • Does MatterSnail track the delivery of mail sent through the platform?

      MatterSnail offers varying levels of tracking based on the service used. Certified or Priority Mail will receive a unique USPS tracking number for each recipient. This number can be used to check the detailed status of a mailing on the USPS website as it transits and ultimately confirms delivery. Regular First-Class Mail, while not assigned a unique tracking number, also provides basic tracking information such as in-transit and nearing-delivery. You may view the status of your mailings on MatterSnail.

    • What happens if the USPS fails to deliver a letter?

      While rare, the USPS is susceptible to human error. If the USPS fails to collect a signature on a certified return-receipt mailing, let us know and we'll refund the incurred postage. We recommend firms opt for Proof of Service on all mailings to serve as evidence that a letter was mailed out. We provide Certificates of Acceptance on all certified letters.

    • Are mailings submitted through MatterSnail safe?

      MatterSnail maintains a close partnership with a printing facility based out of Jackson, California that has over 10 years of specialization in the fulfillment of legal and medical correspondence. This facility handles 100% of the print-and-mail process in-house.

    • How does pricing work on MatterSnail?

      The cost of sending mail through MatterSnail varies based on your specific use case, but we strive to maintain transparency in our pricing. The fees for MatterSnail can be categorized as follows:

      Subscription - Billed monthly or annually: This grants your firm the ability to send mail through our platform.

      Service fees - Billed weekly: These cover fulfillment, special packaging, and hand-off to the USPS.

      Postage fees - Billed weekly: These cover the cost of USPS postage.

    • How pany pages per mailing can be sent through MatterSnail?

      Parcels are limited to 2000 pages each. Parcels containing over 75 pages must be sent as Priority Mail. You may send the same parcel to multiple recipients.

    • Where does submitted mail get sent out from?

      Mail submitted through MatterSnail is dispatched out of Jackson, California.

    • What is MatterSnail's cancellation policy?

      You may cancel any mailing that has not passed its nearest cutoff time, there is no cancellation fee.

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