Snail mail for Clio
made simple.

Send Clio documents through the United States Postal Service directly from your computer, without the need to print, label, or stuff envelopes.

Give your legal practice the power of a mail room.

Select the document you want to send, choose your mailing options, and we'll handle the rest.

Connect your Clio account with the click of a button. Get instant and direct access to your documents and contacts to make sending snail mail fast and simple.

We'll generate expense activities and notes in your Clio matters to keep your legal practice up to date. Get notified of key mailing events delivered directly to your inbox.

Your data is protected with modern SSL, AES-256, and AES-128 encryption security standards. Disconnect your Clio account at any time.

Our mailing parners are SOC-2 and NCOA certified, ensuring the highest standards of security are upheld with your client data.

Clio Cloud Conference Exhibitor

MatterSnail is an official exhibitor of the 2022 Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville, TN. Come say hello!

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Pay-as-you-go, with simple pricing.

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USPS Standard Class

See below for additional cost breakdown.

$1.70 per envelope

  • +$0.50 per page
  • +$0.25 include return envelope
  • +$2.00 if greater than 5 pages

USPS First Class

See below for additional cost breakdown.

$2.00 per envelope

  • +$0.25 per page (Black and white print)
  • +$0.50 per page (Color print)
  • +$2.00 if greater than 5 pages

Optional add-ons for your USPS First Class mail pieces.

Extra Service

  • +$7.00 Certified
  • +$9.50 Certified w/ Electronic Return Receipt
  • +$30.00 Registered