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Mail Clio documents and bills through the United States Postal Service directly from your computer, without the need to print, label, or stuff envelopes.

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Give your legal practice the power of a mail room.

Streamline and automate your outbound USPS mail and reclaim your firm's billable time. You're in control with First-Class, Standard-Class, Certified, and Certified with Electronic Return Receipt mailing options.

MatterSnail connects directly to your Clio Manage account with the push of a button. Get instant access to your documents, bills, and contacts, eliminating the need to upload or download between the two platforms.

Choose from several available mailing options, including USPS First Class and USPS Standard Class letters. Obtain proof of service and proof of delivery with Certified or Certified with Electronic Return Receipt add-ons.

MatterSnail monitors your outbound mail to display scanned mailing events directly from the USPS, keeping your firm updated on the location and status of your mailings. Need to know what a recipient received in the mail? Get on-demand PDF copies of the contents of your letters.

We'll automatically create Clio expense activities and matter notes on your behalf to keep your firm in sync.

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Official Clio App

MatterSnail is an official app on Clio's app directory and was a proud exhibitor at the 2022 Clio Cloud Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Pricing options that fit your firm's usage.

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The Solo Practitioner

Explorator pricing for firms that send a low volume of mail or are just starting out.

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  • Firm Management
  • Unlimited users
  • USPS Service, Per Letter
  • $1.97 USPS First Class
  • $1.57 USPS Standard Class
  • USPS Extra Service, Per Letter
  • $7.65 Certified
  • $9.65 Certified + Electronic Return Receipt
  • Print
  • $0.10 per Page (Black and White)
  • $0.20 per Page (Color)
  • $2.00 Flat Envelope (Over 5 Pages)

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Recommended for firms that send over 300 mailings per month.


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